[:ja]ZT1090 MID コンバージョンキット(YOKOMO BD9用)[:en]ZT1090 MID Conversion Kit (for YOKOMO BD9)[:]

品名:MID コンバージョンキット(YOKOMO BD9用)

この製品はYOKOMO BD9をベース車としたコンバージョンキットです。
走行までにYOKOMO BD9,RC 装置一式, ボディ, タイヤ, バッテリー等が必要です。画像はプロトタイプ、オプションパーツ装着車です。

[:en]Part No,ZT1090
Item name:MID Conversion Kit (for YOKOMO BD9)

This product is a conversion kit based on YOKOMO BD9.
The purpose of the development is to reduce the time lag during throttle operation as much as possible by eliminating the difference in belt length before and after, making it easier to drive. As a result, the motor is laid out in the center, and a well-balanced midship layout can be realized.
* This kit is a conversion kit.
YOKOMO BD9, RC equipment set, body, tire, battery, etc. are required before running. The image is a prototype with optional parts.
Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.