[:ja]ZT1067 MID コンバージョンキット(XRAY T4 ’17~’19用)[:en]ZT1067 MID Conversion Kit (for XRAY T4 ’17~’19)[:]

品名:MID コンバージョンキット(XRAY T4 ’17~’19用)

この製品はXRAY T4 ʻ17〜ʼ19をベース⾞としたコンバージョンキットです。
⾛⾏までにXRAY T4(′17 〜′19),RC 装置⼀式, ボディ, タイヤ,バッテリー等が必要です。画像はプロトタイプ、オプションパーツ装着⾞です。

[:en]Part No,ZT1067
Item name:MID Conversion Kit (for XRAY T4 ’17~’19)

This product is a conversion kit based on the XRAY T4 ’17 to ’19.
The purpose of development is to reduce the time lag at the time of throttleoperation as much as possible by eliminating the difference in belt lengthbetween front and back.
As a result, the motor is laid out on the center side, enabling a balancedmidship layout to be realized.
In addition, with the recent evolution of the battery, we have alsomade possible the layout of chassis balance priority using short lipo battery.

※This kit is a conversion kit.
You will need XRAY T4 (’17 to ’19), a complete set of RC equipment, body, tires, batteries, etc. by the time you drive.
The image is a prototype, equipped with optional parts.
Please note that the specifications are subject to change without notice.