ZT1062 Stock Conversion Kit (for YOKOMO BD9)

Part No,ZT1062
Item name:Stock Conversion Kit (for YOKOMO BD9)

This product is a stock conversion kit for YOKOMO BD9.
ZEROTRIBE original 22T aluminum pulley, narrow upper deck 2.0t, dedicated drive belt FR [Bearback type, low friction type 1 set each] set. By using 22T aluminum pulley, it becomes an effective item in stock races that compete for 0.1 seconds with outstanding rolling feeling in cornering and light driving efficiency. The left ZT1055 graphite upper deck 2.0mm narrow type is a set.
When using YOKOMO B9-00319 and 00319T genuine upper decks, it is necessary to add to the product manual. (As of March 3, 2019)